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The TV crackles as the broadcast begins…

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the hall and those in Silicon City who are watching…Tonight is a historic event. The announcement of a new force in policy reform and leadership for all the greater metropolitan area!

Let me introduce: Alderman’s Franklin Moore and Elias Jackson!” the host shouts as he steps away from the podium. Two men in their late 20’s, dressed in expensive suits approach the microphone.

Franklin Moore smiles and waves, then addresses the audience with stern eyes. “We the people of this fair city have endured decades of conflict, danger, and uncertainty in the wake of the Blight and Paragon influence. Today we will take a stand, for the Future!”

The Hall breaks out into applause followed by incomprehensible shouting. Franklin Moore raises his hands to calm the attendees before continuing. “This is not persecution, but unity. Tonight we announce a cooperative effort between policymakers, constituents, and law enforcement to find new solutions to old problems: The JUST-US Coalition! I will turn it over to Elias Jackson…”

As the slightly older and more refined Alderman steps away, the handsome and debonair partner approaches the podium and grabs both sides with strength and silent assurance. “I have only been appointed in the last few months, but I made a promise. A promise to all of you, that I would lead you forward into a brighter future. And I intend to keep that promise!”

More applause and shouting deafen the hall, the popularity of the younger Alderman is apparent to any in the hall or watching the broadcast. His sweet smile broadens as he raises his hands and claps with them. It is few moments before it does down and he continues.

“The JUST-US Coalition is a non-profit organization that will be lobbying for change in our community. It is comprised of members of local government and law enforcement officials. Prominent leaders of business and education will be joining the ranks in next few days and together we will work hand-in-hand with the people who call Silicon City home to make changes to make us safer, every day.” Elias Jackson orates smoothly, belying his age and lack of experience.
“The first action that we propose is to form a Joint Task Force to combat the rampant vigilante activities that have damaged this city and it’s families beyond measure. The formal proposal will be delivered at the upcoming City Council meeting next week. We will take back the city for us, JUST US!” The audience goes wild and the broadcast is cut out. The local news outlets cut in with their commentary…

Randie Newtown • National News Hour, Silicon City
September 22th, 1984

In the news today, an investigative report on the security of Fury Industries Holdings facilities in the Silicon City area by Jeffrey Thyme called the company's precautions against physical invasion laughable, stating that the company's security is criticaly vulnerable to even primative attacks. Fury Industries representatives denied the claim, but Thyme representatives were quick to rebut, staging a live demonstration which successfully invaded the company's research area and obtained reams of propriatary research data.

Fury Industries stated it had no comment with regard to the demonstration, but confidential sources within the corporation reported that the company's infrastructure team was, quote, "Scrambling. They're doing everything they can to lock the system down.

Security industry insiders tell the National News that publicly anouncing such critical vulnerabilities is extremely unusual, as it is likely to provoke attacks against the Fury Industries network, for which Jeffrey Thyme might be held legaly liable. They speculated that this may be a last ditch move by the scientist meant to force Fury Industries to invest in their services.

Randie Newtown • National News Hour, Silicon City
August 28th, 1984

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