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Past Events PAST

Silicon City founded 200 years (1784)
Founding Families: Silicons, Baptistes, St. Croix, Whartons

Supers PARAGONS existed in Egypt and Mesopotamia but were often written off as extraordinary or fictitious. Following WWI Germany began researching possible supernatural and paranormal legends. Hitler started UBERMENSCH genetic experiments. These resulted in exposing many Paragons to the world. During WWII Sanctioned Supers existed and were conscripted to fight in the war by many countries.

In the 1940’s a Blight of unknown origins begins affecting areas of surrounding the Rocky Mountains and Northern Nevada. The Primus Organization is created to look into it.

In the 1970’s Harrison Silicon begins development on ecological research to combat the Blight in the Silicon City area, this attracts Magnus Wharton and Jeffrey Thyme who are rivals in the area on the subject of the Blight.

Present Events PRESENT

Many corporations have flourished in the years since the The Blightless Undertaking. Si Silicon is the mayor of the city and has just begun his second term. Many people oppose the platform of Mayor Silicon’s Unification Reforms.

Future Events FUTURE

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Silicon City, circa 1984 whittknight