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    h3. Past Events [[PAST]] *Background* Silicon City founded 200 years (1784) *Founding Families:* Silicons, Baptistes, St. Croix, Whartons Supers [[PARAGONS]] existed in Egypt and Mesopotamia but were often written off as extraordinary or …

  • The Blightless Undertaking

    A Paranormal process started by [[:magnus-wharton | Magnus Wharton]] and [[:harrison-silicon | Harrison Silicon]] to save Silicon City from an ecological devastation started by Paragons.

  • PAST

    h1. Timeline of History *Pre-1910* Supers are regarded as folklore *1935* UBERMENSCH program begins in Germany. Many Supers are exposed. *1941* Conscription of Supers into US, GB, IT, and RU military. The World War is changed and so is the world * …

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